What can Big B Online do for you and your company?

Does your corporate identity need some re-designing?

Because your corporate identity is visual and is the means by which the people recognise your product or service in the market, it is important that you advertise your companies’ growth and development by maintaining and upgrading your “look”.

Old Logo

Old Logo

New Logo

New Logo

Because the market is getting more and more competitive, people are more and more interested in companies that keep up with new technology.

So, what does a corporate identity consist of?

Your company Logo - this gives your company its unique identity. The logo indicates which product or service you offer and target specific markets. This is what separates you from your competition. The logo will differ depending on your industrial sector. Humour is great for a toy company but you would need something a lot more serious for a bank for example. With this Logo you need to catch the publics’ attention. Your logo will be consistent on all your office stationary ie. on letterheads, fax sheets, complimentary notes, invoices, quotes, and on corporate gifts. Be it printing or advertising your logo will be used everywhere.

Then we come to website design and layouts, where people are becoming more and more familiar with browsing the internet if they are searching for products, services, or information. The internet is loaded with all of the above.

It is of great importance that your companies profile stands out and is understandable and shows the public what your corporate identity consists of.

Make your mark!

With the right tools in designing your Logo and promoting your service or product, you can get the public to remember you and identify with you. Always make yourself easy to access, be unique yet understandable and easy to use. That is where we have a great team that can put all these functions together for you.