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The design of your website is key to your identity AND your sales

We have been updating our own set of websites for over 4 years. This involves the update of over 100 websites and 1000's of pages of content. We have learned that the key is to create an identity but not is such a fashion that the website loses it's true function ie. the interface between a browser and your company.

The delivery of clear and concise information is key to your success. A dull site with all the information will always outperform a bright and sunny website that feeds the visitor with no information at all.

We cover the fields of website purchase, website hosting, website design, and website optimisation below:


  1. .CO.ZA
    1. Registration (once off cost) R100 per site
    2. DNS (Name server setups, once off cost) R180 per site
    3. Annual renewal R100 per site
  2. .COM and .NET
    1. Registration (once off cost) R150 per site
    2. DNS (Name server setups, once off cost) R180 per site
    3. Annual renewal R150 per site


  1. We will not charge a hosting fee for pointed domains
  2. We will charge R175 per site per month for the active domains. This price includes provision to update the site at your request from time to time
  3. Included in the R175 is 25 e-mail accounts per domain, access to your mail from either your desktop (POP) or from the web (webmail)
  4. Included in the R175 is access to a control panel which will let you view your websites statistics (visitors, referrers, pages, and so forth)
  5. We have a 99% uptime guarantee on our dedicated server which includes 3 name servers (the norm is 2) plus the normal UPS and Diesel generator backup.


  • Website Design
  1. Site design will be R1800 per website.
  2. This includes front page and inner pages plus an e-mail template.
  • Website Publishing
  1. A once off cost off R175 per page will apply. Updates (within reason) will be covered by the hosting fee. You will supply the actual content although we will guide you on what aspects should be covered.
  • Additional Services
  1. We will submit your websites to all the major directories free of charge
  2. We will optimise each page to ensure it is competitive for terms you need to be found for
  • Optional Services
  1. SEO Strategy. Should you wish to optimise your website to compete in the vast international market, you will need to do a lot more research into the terms you are competing for and you will also need to go on an intensive linking and listing campaign. We will happily undertake this for you but mention that this is in fact a very time intensive exercise. It is thereafter extremely labour intensive in the linking phase. You can expect to pay in the region of R5000 for the initial investigation into the market and thereafter a further R20 000 to impliment changes to the website structure and to get sufficient quality links to rank internationally. These links are traded between website owners which is where the intensive labour component comes into being. It’s also obviously important to be linked from the “right” websites so that the search engines give you 10/10 for relevance of links. Obviously the local market is much smaller and a lot less effort should secure a top 3 listing for some of your competitive terms.

Our Portfolio of websites includes:

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